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Safety Guide Services

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Accidents are frequent occurrences in the car showrooms. Most car sales team usher in the clients into the vehicles and forget primary safety measures or checking whether the client is well acquainted with the car model in question. In most cases, it may result in a crash where the car hits other cars, injures people, and destroys property this is why safety guide services are of utmost importance. Many more staff members may get hurt when trying to open the door, the trunk or roll down the windows. The worst may come about if a fire starts in the showroom.
It is essential that every car dealer takes steps to protect the property, the cars, the staff as wells as the clients from possible risks that may cause injuries, damages and expensive legal procedures. Safety guide services are a simple way to educate and remind the staff of the basic safety rules in the showroom. Here are reasons why every showroom should have a safety guide service.

1. Civil Liability

There are several laws put in place to make business compounds safe areas for staff and clients. While not every injured party may claim damages, the showroom may be held liable if:

• The breached duty of care amounted to negligence on the part of the business

• There was a loss caused on the injured party

• The company owed the aggrieved party a reasonable duty of care safety guide services assists those in charge of employee and visitor safety to ensure that the car dealership shop or the showroom has put in place the right measures as stipulated by the health and safety laws in safety guide services.

2. Risk Mitigation

Accidents and other risks such as fire are bound to happen at the showroom at any time with or without proper protection measures in place. However, the impact and the extent of the risk can be mitigated to a greater extent if the right safety guide services guidelines are followed.

Having the guide at the car dealership premises enables the business put in place measures to minimize injury or damage from any of the probable risks. It is a good habit to keep revising the safety procedures and inspecting the safety fitting from time to time to enhance premise safety standards.

3. Fire Safety

Safety Guide Services - Philip Godfrey Cars

Fire is a high risk on its own. There is a significant risk that a fire outbreak would wipe out an entire showroom or a dealers shop. Given that most vehicles run on combustible fuels, showrooms have to take extra steps to prevent a possible fire outbreak on the premises. The safety guide services enables the organizations to find and implement ways to enhance fire safety in the showrooms. It acts as a guide in determining

• Type and number of fire fighting equipment

• Measures to reduce the spread of fire

• Steps to be taken to minimize injuries

• Precautions to be taken to prevent a fire outbreak

4. Safety Training For Employees

Most of the accidents at the car dealer premises are as a result of negligence and ignorance. It is essential that the management at the auto dealer shops train employees on ways to take care of themselves, the clients and the vehicles. The safety guide services provides concrete information that can be implemented by staff.

It also makes work more manageable for the safety trainers. With the safety guides in place, employees can keep refreshing their minds on safety guide services matters from time to time thereby lowering the number of accidents at the workplace.

5. Lower the Number of Insurance Claims

The higher the number of accidents at the premises, the higher the number of insurance claims made. It has an effect of increasing the monthly premiums and excess payments. It is a cost that can be brought down.

Most insurance companies reward companies and individual who make few or no claims with lower premiums. Given that most insurance premiums are always on the high side, a small percentage of premium reduction affects the monthly overheads. By following the safety guide services, car dealers lower the number of claims and thereby reduce their premiums in the long run.

6. Reduce Absences and Sick Leave

A good number of staff members miss many working days on account of accidents and work-related illnesses. By following the health and safety measures put in place by the safety guide services, car dealers can bring down the number of employees that take sick leaves due to preventable work-related illnesses. In the same breath, companies spend less in compensating the injured staff and having to take care of their medical needs. It, in turn, raises the profit margin.

The dealer usually pays for uninsured accidents. Sometimes compensation claims end up in court, and the dealer has to incur legal costs. A safety guide is the ultimate tools that lower or eliminates these costs.

7. Protect the Staff

The dealer must keep the staff safe. Healthy and safe employees are very productive. Good staff protection scheme is also a way in which a car dealer shop can retain loyal and highly productive employees. With the use of the safety guide services, car dealers can keep every worker safe and reap the profits from a productive staff.

In extension, this builds a positive reputation among the industry members, potential customers as well as the potential talent in the job market. It eases the work of the public relations teams too. The result is increased sales and a safe working place.


Showroom or the car dealer shop safety is a matter that every car sales business should take seriously. Taking the right safety procedures saves on cash, enhances productivity, enhances public relations and ensures that the dealer observes the set down regulations.

A safety guide services is a tool that enables the dealership businesses to identify the safety risks, determine the possible ways to prevent the risks, ways to mitigate the risks and reasonable steps should the risk occur.

Every car dealer should have a guide at the premises for quick reference by the staff as well as the visitors. Moreover, there should be regular training on information set out in the safety guide services so that it is always fresh in the minds of the staff members.

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